Welcome to PJ Hayes Inc. Excavating

Quality, Safety, & Timely Service Is Our Motto

Our Company - PJ Hayes Inc. is a full service, family owned, local excavation company based out of Walpole, MA. We specialize in both residential and commercial projects. Founded in 1981, we are backed by over 30 years of experience. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with every customer based on quality, safety, and timely service.

Our Equipment - Our equipment fleet is fully capable of completing any job, big or small. With over 20 pieces of equipment, we can hand pick the most effective and efficient machines for each specific project. Each piece of equipment is important to our operation, and we strive to make sure they stay in the best shape possible by maintaining weekly maintenance schedules. We currently employ 3 full time certified mechanics that watch over and monitor each piece of equipment.

Some of our equipment fleet includes:

Trucks: 6 Wheelers, 10 Wheelers, Tri-axles, Trailer Dumps

Excavators: Various 10,000 LB to 100,000 LB Excavators

Environment - Not only do we care about each customer and their needs, we also care about doing our share to protect the environment. Our sister company, Southridge Farm and Nursery is a full service recycling center, where they take in material that cannot be used, and turn them into something usable. One example of this, is when we bring them concrete and asphalt from a project. They process it into a product called recycled gravel, which we can take and use on some of our job sites. So, a lot of the products we use and dispose of, get recycled and used again. Every little bit helps!